How Beoty is different

We do things differently

We at Beoty® use only high performing natural sourced ingredients that are compatible to the skin. (Proven with clinical studies). We understand what a problem and sensitive skin needs. We don't use ingredients that are know to cause irritation (Salicylic acid, Synthetic fragrance, Retinoids, Alcohols, Benzoyl peroxide etc...)
All our products are produced in Denmark, passing the highest European cosmetic standards.



CosmEthically ACTIVE certificate

We have been awarded the COSMETHICALLY ACTIVE CERTIFICATE – Approved by Modern cosmethics!

Our products truly work and represent the highest standards in natural skincare. CosmEthically ACTIVE certificate is awarded to products of superior quality, that meet the requirements of being truly active, natural, and skin and environmentally friendly.

Products that not only make promises, but can actually keep them.


How It All Began

Natural skincare for problem & sensitive skin

Beoty® was borne out of desire to discover skincare, based on natural and organic ingredients, that would soothe and care for acne and blemish prone skin. Our skin is our largest organ in our body, one that we can’t replace, so it is only fair that we treat and care for it to ensure we look and feel our best.

We understand problematic skin and how it affects your confidence levels, our vegan friendly skincare range is based on the staples in everyone’s skincare regime.

About Beoty